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O by Ozkaya


David (inspired by Michelangelo)

“[Ozkayaʼs] David is essentially neither his nor Michelangeloʼs. Instead, the statue becomes part of two collective processes: first, collective memory, the intersubjective process that accumulates infinite images of the same art object; and second, digital fabrication, the computer program that allows all surfaces of a three dimensional object to be reproduced in minute detail. Ozkayaʼs statue after Michelangelo is essentially a double fabric, as its own skin originates in material as well as cultural fabrication.” Spyros Papapetros, Double

“...a grandiose failure” Michael Greissel, ERBES

“a literal bump in the road" Power Ekroth, Artforum

“The spectacularly worst was Serkan Ozkaya's thirty-foot-tall golden replica of Michelangelo's David, which fell over upon installation and broke into pieces.” T.J.Demos, Artforum