Dear Sir or Madam

Proletarier Aller Laender

Today Could Be a Day of Historical Importance

David (inspired by Michelangelo)

Bring Me The Head of...

A Sudden Gust of Wind


Homo Practicus

One and Three Pasta (with George L. Legendre)


Steven Toole, The Artlover


An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in New York

We Will Wait

O by Ozkaya


What a Museum Should Really Look Like

“Initially [Ozkaya] presents slides as a slide show, but later it is the slide as object that claims his interest. He mobilizes his friends — artists, art historians and scholars — and requests them to give or loan framed slides, which he shows on a bustling street in Istanbul and presents as the ‘historically largest international exhibition of contemporary art’. And ‘without the stress of a gallery...’” Maria Hlavajova, Basis Voor Actuele Kunst